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A domain name is one important step when creating an online presence as it helps establish name branding for your online business.

When choosing a domain service, you need to consider your domain needs - whether you may want multiple domains, how much manual control over your domain account you require, and whether the services offer or other Australian domain extensions for Australian websites.

For more information about domains and how domain registration works, please see our guide Guide To Domain Registration.

Guide To Domain Registration

Web101 Group domain registrations are with ttp.wholesale Pty Ltd offering competitive rates for Australian and international domain names and an easy-to-use web control panel interface to easily manage your Internet domain. 

The registration or transfer process is quick and simple and you can also manage multiple domain names all under the one roof. distribute.IT have fast approval times for .au domain names.

Domain Names Explained

Your domain name is your online identity. A domain name is a unique identifier that personalises your website address from a set of numbers or given name by your ISP Provider. A domain points to a computer (server) on the Internet which has an IP address.
So, your web address of: or now becomes
And your email address of: now becomes


Domain Prices** -
Domain: ($99.00 2 Years)
Domain: - $79.00 2 Years)
Domain: ( $40.00)
Domain: com ($40.00)
Domain: net ($40.00)
Domain: org ($40.00)

Domain Services

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